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I'm always making art work. Most of it is made on paint. Some of it takes a while and some of it is easy, like headshots. If you like my style, I'll take art requests~

uwahhh~ it was pwetty and I wanted it here~...nevermind me...I like rainbows...and space. As for the nyan cat....I ATE HIM. HE IS TASTED LIKE POPTARTS AND DEATH LOLOLOL...okay, NO.




Many Lineless LQ
Some more experimentation with lineless, and my fave askblog EVER LQ-ler!

-Dec. 2015-
Winter Once-lerland
I participated in the Once-ler fandom gift exchange again for Christmas and decided to try some lineless artwork again ^^ I did this all on MS Paint

-Dec. 2015-

(and yes, I couldn't possibly help myself from making that pun.)
Why do you look so sad?
I was thinking a lot about Chara and Asriel's dynamic in undertale and ended up drawing a little something that I really liked.
I was also listening to Blumenkranz while drawing this because it actually suited the subject matter pretty well.

-Nov. 2015-
The world is comming in focus.
Some more Swonag!! I drew this for my lovie Yoyo-Illuser's birthday ^^
There's a point in Swone and Onag's story where Swone is revealed to whisper something in Onag's ear to get him out of his robotic state and this piece attempts to illustrate that.
It was also a great experiment with digital collage and lighting!

-October 2015-
Dark dippy the sequel
Since Tumblr people liked my dark Dipper I decided to post it here as well. I think the angle of this piece is still pretty phenomenal.

-June 2015-


nonlegendary-pylime's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
I am Pylime and this is where I put all my NICE artwork. Oh yeah, I do pleanty of little scribbles and doodles all over papers and on MS paint, but when I actually sit down and do a nice job, you will find it here! (Or at least things I like quite a bit UuU)
I draw...a variety of things. Like Once-ler, Once-ler, Once-ler,--wait, no thats not all I draw. I draw fanart and OCs and you might find some paintings on here. For a while now, I've gotten into using Skype and acquired a tablet last summer. I've been using it a lot!
I draw a lot of wierd stuff. Sureal, *SYMBOLIC* things. I read homestuck, I'm a registered Once-ling (hah, no not really. I don't think we have a registry but I could make a liscense and everything) I love Tomb Raider a lot right now, Proffeser layton, most disney movies, most...animated movies ever, nice short animations, things that fans do in fandoms, I love My little pony, gravity falls, and I even like adventure time a bit! I don't know what career to pursue yet, but its going to be artistic as long as I can help it. I'm an easy going kiddo. I'm actually very hard to offend and I try my best to be polite. Sometimes I can be a bit shy, but I love it when people talk to me.
I run three askblogs; two are Once-lers and one is Rainbowdash. Don't ask me how I descended this far into...whatever it is you descend into.
As far as anime's go, I love cardcaptor sakura, Madoka magica and deathnote. Those are my top three and they are all very good. Strange variety I've got there, hm. Recently I've watched Kill la kill, Gatchaman crowds and dangan ronpa.
But you know, you can read up on me all you like, and if you want to know more or fangirl over something, my inbox is always open and my skype contact is no secret!

You can find me elsewhere at: ← tumblr (Note: I am ALWAYS on tumblr and post more art there.)… ← youtube
Skype: pylime
I spend literally all my time on tumblr and I always upload art there! So if you're still following here and here alone or you liked my art and wanted to find more, I'm super active at:

Thanks for all the watches and notes on my work!


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My sister spades or edned told me to make one of these and hopefully this will limit the amount of commishions I have to make...^^;;


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You do any requests or art trades?
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I don't really do requests or art trades with anyone I don't know all that well. Sorry! Unfortunately I'm not even really set to take commissions here, either. I hope you understand, but to have more respect for my own craft, my pieces do come at a price unless I give them to people as gifts.
Thanks for asking, though!
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